The Crew 

Crow Valley Pottery & Gallery

                                                                                                                                                                                                         an Orcas island Landmark since 1959

Our Friendly staff eagerly awaits you . . . . .                     …..and how lucky we are to have such a fun and reliable crew here at CVP!  Here’s a brief intro to the clan

Margie - Our dear Margie has been with us the longest, must be 15 years or so now, and “PRICELESS” would be an understatement!  Willing and able to do just about anything, Margie is an integral part of the glazing process of the Crow Valley pieces, as well as 

Mary Jo - Our saving grace for all things "Jeffri and Michael" is Mary Jo Kerr.  'MJ' as we all know her, is the familiar face and welcoming smile when Jeffri and Michael are traveling, and all summer at The Cabin.  A lifelong Flight Attendant, we invited MJ to join the Crow Valley Gang some years ago, when she was contemplating retirement from the airline.  We got her- kicking and screaming- and she has never looked back!  Much to our delight!  So MJ is our eyes, ears, and part of our hands too.  And the very best 'price sticker-er' of any of us……and last but not least: Godmother & Guardian Angel to Clara!

Abby - 

Susen - 

Clara - (aka: Dirty Clara Cleetus, Twiggle, Devil-dawg, Ditch-dawg, Lady Mayor and, and, and…..) joined us here at Crow Valley in October of 2001 at the ripe old age of nine weeks.  A mix of Black Lab and whomever got lucky, she quickly endeared herself to all in the studio, as well as the customers (some folks pop in just to see Clara).  A very warm, fairly bright and super friendly dog, it was no surprise a few years back at her resounding victory representing the “ Lab-ritarian” ticket in the Eastound Mayoral Race!  She served proudly as Eastsound’s first black mayor as well as the towns first female mayor.