Debby Neely

Crow Valley Pottery & Gallery

                                                                                                                                                                                                         an Orcas island Landmark since 1959

We first became smitten with Debby’s work while on holiday at the Oregon Coast.  A quick connection and Debby has been an intregal and very popular part of Crow Valley’s offerings for many years now.  Truly a delight (and easy!) to work with, we are doubly belssed when we can get her to demo during the summer shows.  In fact a few of her blocks have been carved right at Crow Valley!  

In her own words, a little bit about Debby’s work…..

                “My woodcuts are a traditional Oriental printing art technique.  I hand carve each design and print them on hand made Oriental papers.  These were printed on Chire Kozo or Sumi-E paper, which are mulberry based papers.  I do not emphasize Oriental designs for the woodcuts but they do have a very Oriental feeling.  The images are strong but I stress a quietness in the arrangement of the design elements.  I sign my name with the red chops.  The upper chop is my name (Neely) and the bottom chop says that I draw birds and animals

click Here for a page of of Debby’s current offerings!